How to get to Kjeragbolten

Kjeragbolten needs a day to do it properly.

At 1,084 metres high, Kjerag dwarfs the other peaks along Lysefjorden. It used to be enough to admire Kerag from the fjord, but now it is increasingly popular to walk up the path to Kjeragbolten and the Kerag plateau. Most people are happy to enjoy the views from the plateau, but for many the climax of the trip is to be photographed standing on Kjeragbolten, a rock wedged solidly in a deep crevice - a natural creation dating back to the ice age when the area was covered by glaciers. Kjeragbolten and the surrounding area has also become popular with climbers and base jumpers.

Take the trip up Lysefjorden to Kjeragbolten from Stavanger.

Preikestolen / Pulpit Rock ferry

Kjerag is impressive seen from the fjord, from a ferry or a sightseeing boat.

Lysefjord boat trips leave from central Stavanger and the round-trip takes 3 1/2 hours or more. You can also take the sightseeing boats from Vågen, the main harbour.

Sightseeing boats depart Saturday and Sunday all through the year, and every day from May through September, with extra sailings in July and August.

In June, July and August you can also take the car ferry to Lysebotn from Fiskepiren (the "Hurtigbåt" terminal) in central Stavanger and drive back via Sirdal and Hunnedalen to Stavanger.

If you stay at Stavanger Bed and Breakfast all of the above ferries are within easy walking distance.

The walking trail starts at Øygardstøl on the Lysevegen road above Lysebotn. The trail is well marked. The Lysevegen road goes from Lysebotn to Sirdal. It was built as a works road during the building of the Tjodan hydroelectric power station and was officially opened in 1984. Prior to that, boats were the only regular means of communication with the outside world for people in Lysebotn.

Take the bus to Kjeragbolten from Stavanger.

You can also get to the head of the trail by bus. If you stay at Stavanger Bed and Breakfast you are just a short walk from the bus to Kjeragbolten.

Other spectacular trips from Stavanger Bed & Breakfast.

Do not forget that Preikestolen / Pulpit Rock is another spectacular hike from above Lysebotn that you can easily reach when you stay at Stavanger Bed & Breakfast.

How to get to the best starting point in Stavanger?

From Oslo, and all the major cities on the South Coast, you can take the train or use the low price express coach service "Lavprisekspressen". It stops quite close to Stavanger Bed & Breakfast.