Kjeragbolten Kjerag Norway

Kjeragbolten is worth the walk.

At 1,084 metres high, Kjerag dwarfs the other peaks along Lysefjorden. It used to be enough to admire Kerag from the fjord, but now it is increasingly popular to walk up the path to Kjeragbolten and the Kerag plateau. Most people are happy to enjoy the views from the plateau, but for many the climax of the trip is to be photographed standing on Kjeragbolten, a rock wedged solidly in a deep crevice - a natural creation dating back to the ice age when the area was covered by glaciers. Kjeragbolten and the surrounding area has also become popular with climbers and base jumpers.

Kjeragbolten creates great expectations:

Kjeragbolten Kerag Norway expectations met

The route to Kjeragbolten has some great views:

Kjeragbolten Kerag Norway amazing views

Kjeragbolten with or without you standing atop:

Kjeragbolten Kerag Norway with or without you

The plateau behind Kjeragbolten is over 1,000 meters above the fjord:

Kjeragbolten Kerag Norway top plateau

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